Let’s make stuff together! (separately)

  1. Stay home & create something
  2. Take a photo or video
  3. Upload it to instagram with the hashtag #antisocialartshow
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Has #covid19 cancelled your plans for the weekend? Let’s stay in and make stuff together (but separately) HOW TO: just snap a pic of your project, (it’s not about perfection, it’s about protection, self-isolation can help slow down the spread of #covid19, so bonus) and post it to instagram with the hashtag #antisocialartshow It can be #drawings, #paintings, a clip of you playing an #instrument, a #poem maybe a favorite #recipe or a #gardening or #woodworking project only rule is, you’ve got to use supplies and tools you have on hand. We love building community and getting folks together, but we can work together to keep eachother healthy and virtually connected to slow down the impact this virus will have on our cities and towns. So be generous if you can, but definitely be kind and #washyourhands! BTW, if you make something that’s 6”x6” you can snailmail it to ROCO for their annual fundraiser- http://roco6x6.org/ TRANSCRIPT: Hey Folks! Did you have plans for this weekend that got cancelled? Me too. But not to worry, we are creative and we can come up with something fun! And I think I just have. I’m inviting you to the first (hopefully not annual) Antisocial Art Show. What I need you to do is come up with something to do at home, maybe it’s baking your favorite dish, maybe it’s doing that craft project that’s been sitting in a pile waiting to be attacked? Or maybe it’s drawing with your kids? Take a picture of it, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #antisocialartshow and let’s see what we make together (but separately)! 🙂

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So you’ve probably heard lots of different information about Covid19, and maybe your city or town has cancelled big public events, or even started having folks stay home from work and school. Minimizing contact between people is a really great idea for reducing the chances that a virus gets spread. So what to do while we help “flatten the curve“?


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We want you to dust off that craft bin, bust out that ukelele, sharpen that pencil, and gather those pots and pans and make something. If you’re at home with the kids- have them make stuff too. It can be a poem, a painting, a pie- even things that don’t start with the letter “p”, especially things that aren’t perfect. The important thing is that you embrace the opportunity to create something. And then snap a picture of it, and share it with the world from the comfort of your own space. Just use the hashtag #antisocialartshow . If you post it on Instagram, it will automatically show up in the gallery. The only rule is, use what you have on hand in your space. It totally defeats the purpose if you head out to the store…

So be kind, wash your hands and make some cool stuff. Really looking forward to seeing what you folks come up with!