BASIC Adult face mask

This is the first of at least 2 mask designs. [UPDATE: HERE’S THE BLOSSOM MASK] I’m going to be assisting a medic to translate a really great & relatively simple design that allows for a filter. (Hopefully by tomorrow night) Before I tackled that one, wanted to practice a bit.

This design is based off of a much shared flier from the Turban Project, but I thought could be easier to understand with some information graphics. It’s not the best design as far as filtration, and it relies on elastic which could be difficult to acquire if shops are closed in your area, but noone should have to wear a bandana for protection, and this is a half-step above that. It may also keep you from touching your face, which is probably even more effective.

I’ll update this post once I have a modified version of this design that doesn’t require elastic.

A word of caution, before you go out and purchase lots of materials or dig in with gusto in making these, make sure they will have a home. Keep your eye out in your neck of the woods for organizations that are actively seeking donations. If you want to be proactive, try connecting with other makers and crafters in your area so that you’re ready to go once the call goes out. While you’re waiting, check in on your neighbors and make sure they have what they need.